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Problem is that the 1st Amendment is actually there to protect divisive, offensive and often questionable speech. I'm going to guess that a lot of the public fallout from this is going to again be to villify certain povs and make tenuous (at best) links between what people say on air and the actions "unstable" people take. IIRC Rush et al were indirectly blamed by his detractors for the OK bombing for putting out too much "anti-govt" rhetoric. It is in some ways amazing that we want to whitewash words like n***** from Huck Finn, but want to be able to say it on air/in film/in music w/abandon (ie, it seems we're now somewhat schizo about the boundaries of free speech). By all current accounts, this guy was the lone wackjob that the SS and FBI dread having to deal with b/c they often strike w/o warning. It also appears that he had some kind of obsessive grudge vs Giffords for a perceived slight in the recent past.

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