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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
And you have some proof that he even read Tea Party literature? All I get so far is him talking about creating his own currency, mind control(through grammar of all things), going back to the Gold standard, and a whole bunch of very random and disjointed thoughts intermingled with pseudo-intellectual nonsense. His comments, at least on his youtube page, seem to be at best the ramblings of a guy who smoked just a bit too many funny cigarettes. Nothing indicates he paid attention to either party. But you have been quite willing to make the leap to him somehow getting his target from the Tea Party.
And you have evidence to suggest otherwise? Did you even read my previous post? I do not accuse the Tea Party for supporting an inherently violent agenda, nor do I see the shooter supporting the Tea Party on any foundation; the guy, by any situation, probably interpreted rhetoric in his own, violent way.

And don't ask how/where he could have viewed Tea Party literature; any schizo watching Fox News could have interpreted the slightest hint of counter-administration monologuing as a call to action. The same can be said for any political pundit, but since the Tea Party is the most popular counter-political movement currently, that would obviously be the first source to suspect.
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