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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
Woah woah woah, there's still level scaling?! SOMEBODY TALK ME DOWN OFF THIS LEDGE.
How about pushing you down the ledge? It's not just level scaling but generic dungeons too! (ok, I'm jumping too! aaaaaah! )
The game will tailor to how you have played. If a woman asks you to save her daughter from kidnappers, the quest will be set in a dungeon the game knows you haven't explored.
ok, now, the essential question which may make me regret that the ledge was only a few feet high: will there be modding tools to get around this, especially around level scaling?

I hate leveled loot, especially when all the poor of the Empire suddenly become the rich of the empire and start wearing Daedric armor all at the same time because I have become stronger and/or wiser. It's just an easy way to save time and get away with thinking: instead of carefully planning the location of loot, you just attach a different script to a few dozens of chests/npcs to upgrade the loot...and tadaam! Ohhh! Daedric armor and weapons everywhere! - at least in Oblivion you had an invasion that could have allowed you, with a lot of imagination, to think every thief and bandit in the Empire to loot and salvage such armor and weapons.

- A "redesigned" engine. Probably a reworking of the Gamebryo one?
- A redesigned interface...
- Level-scaling is fun!
Is it too much to dream of some balance between unique, well placed, random and leveled loot/enemies?
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