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Sorry to break up your little party Imperial, but I can't let you have your transmitter."

The Imperial looked down at his empty hand in surprise and narrowed his eyes at Tavaryn. He motioned for all of his men to aim their blasters at Tavaryn and Alriana.

"Very well. After we dispose of you we will simply wait for your friends to leave the lab and then dispose of them. Men! Open fire on the Jedi and her friend!"

Alriana jumped back just as a barrage of blaster bolts hit the area where she had just been standing. She brought her lightsaber up and deflected more bolts back to the imperials. A few of them were hit by the deflected bolts but the rest of them managed to dodge them.

She turned toward Tavaryn and caught one of the bolts that was aimed at him and deflected it into the cave wall behind the imperials.
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