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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
There were no Christians in the time of Jesus' life. They were all Jewish (Jesus himself was Jewish). The difference between the two religions is that Jewish people believe Jesus to be a prophet and Christians believe that Jesus was the messiah after his death. This is simply because the basis of the religion is believing that Jesus died for all of our sins (not trying to be preachy...just the truth). It's just not possible to be a Christian if you don't believe in God.
Uh.... have we met?

urluckyday, I am well aware of the distinction between Judaism and Christianity. I am thinking it is safe to say that I have studied both religions (and several others) as much as you have, and quite possibly a great deal more, as it was a study of mine in college. I graduated with a degree in Philosophy, with a minor in Religion and English.

I was referring to the followers of Jesus, in his day, who were many of them Jewish, but were proto-Christians in that they were responsible for telling the many Gospels. There were many more accounts of Jesus' life than were recorded in your Christian bible, if you are not aware. The Gospels of Mary and Judas are two of many important stories that exist... What I was trying to say, is that there can be interpreted a wide distinction in what it means to be Christian.

I apologize if I come off preachy, but I thought you knew me better than that...

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