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That it is, I'm talking about above and beyond that. Notable contributor is a prerequisite, then they get custom achievement badges as prestige. I.E. You, lynk, have your own site for reviews and such maybe you get a commentary badge, or someone could contribute to cosplay since I know we have lots of anime and manga fans, then we have computer experts among the rest of us mere computer users. Maybe someone with a fanfic badge could get another achievement for most well canon researched, another for most moving piece, stuff like that.

So custom/specialized merit badges is what I'm suggesting. Custom ones I know we have done on a rare basis. So I guess just prestige on top of what we already have.

I know people are going to gripe about having to do more work for another badge but in a way it's carving out a niche and making a name for yourself.

Just...offering ideas, make of it what you will.

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