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"Alright men, the objective is threatened, fire at will." The Echelon 5 operative called out, eliciting a hail of blasterfire at the Imperial Troops, seeming to come out of nowhere.


At that point, Kalla somehow managed to regain consciousness, but she was still weak, and somewhat delirious. "My arm? I thought I ..." She commented, noticing that her arm had been reattached.

"Kalla, you need to rest." Lenatha advised her.

"I can help!" Kalla replied, attempting to grab her lightsaber, but only fumbling with her reattached arm.

"You're in no condition to fight, so get down, and be delicate with that arm. Doctor's orders." Lenatha insisted, managing to convince her. Kalla then got back down, keeping an eye on the door, at least until she lost consciousness again.

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