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Tavaryn was momentarily surprised that Alriana jumped in to deflect the blaster bolt that he had sensed and was prepared to dodge. However it gave him ample opportunity to roll and retrieve his most prized possession. Igniting the lightsaber he had carried since a child he moved, using raw instinct and power to deflect the barrage of fire, making his way towards the transmitter which had lodged itself in a crevice. He only hoped that the Echleon 5 troopers didn't see it.

"Try to get the door open," he said to Alriana.


Tonatius watched as Kalla stirred and tried to use her lightsaber. When Pradhes insisted that she rest, he added, "Respect your healer mo chroi." He then looked up and said to everyone, "Battle has begun. R4, how much longer?"

The droid gave a beep and the huge bulkhead opened. TOnatius kissed Kalla on the forehead and said to Pradhes, "Get to the ship. I'll help Lady Jun-la." He then turned and drew his sword, ready to do battle.

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