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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I dig the carbon fiber textured look It's tricky getting those seams to meet up
No idea if it's carbon fibre
I just found it on a site under carpets or something, but I loved how it looked
Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I certainly like the shape of this ^ helmet more than the one with the double eye lenses. It's more human 'head' shaped, especially around the temples and bridge of the nose.
The first mask is well more a helmet then a mask. I wanted to be shaped more like a sort of knight helmet thing, mixed with a Alpa Romeo car headligts

So I went for a more stylished shape instead of following the shapes of a head.
The assasin mask in TSL is reall that, a mask. I noticed it was very thight to the head and the lenses wrapped around it... well sort of...

My mask is large as I need to go around the reall model heads and I wanted to avoid clipping, though female heads and the black heads will be have clipping due to their hair or more pronounced features of the face.

Unavoidable, but I tried to get it to look good. I'll now have another go at it, still have some ideas for "lenses", thinking of doing something pretty whacko this time

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