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"But you know more than I do already. We intercepted mysterious behaviour in the region, therfor sending me to investigate. Do you have any clue as to who they are and what they are after?"

Karela shook her head sadly. Behind them a bright flash of light and the sound of a massive explosion filled the air.

"It looks like all they wanted to do was destroy the village and anyone in it. The attack started earlier in the day, one minute I was talking with Akagi and the next moment we were under heavy attack from all sides. And there was something else that was bothering me: During the battle I fought against a woman who I knew was dead. She blew herself up nearly a year ago and yet there she was. I have no idea how she could have managed to come back from the dead."

Karela turned around and saw smoke coming from where the village had once been and sighed heavily. "As of now Akagi and I are going to be leading the villagers to the mountains where we can regroup and think about what to do next."

She sighed again. "It's times like these I wish Kaneda was here. He would know what to do."
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