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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I really need to learn to be direct with my Threads/posts hehe as people tend to go straight for my ill informed banter rather than the subject line if you catch my drift, the Evolution business was a direct quote from the TV Host, I neither fully understand the Christian teachings nor Science to Argue for either. I think my main reason for bringing this up is that I have a Hard time with some of the decisions/actions that are made/taken because of religion... Death, cultural separation, War, Intolerance (of course there are numerous Positives) Why spend Sunday in a Church, Praying to someone who you dont believe exists? There seems to be no valid reason for this thinking other than you need to feel a part of a community, or your a few Bricks short of a Maisonette.
In general, I think people who continue to go to service might be trying to work the system, that don't believe.

Now, if you're phrasing that in such a way that is to say faith has no place in society because it cannot be proven, I have to simply disagree.

Just because some don't see any meaning in it doesn't mean they have to go crapping on other people. That gets you nowhere. In some ways, though, likewise the opposite is true for faithful: while actively professing beliefs is something the faithful should do, there comes a point at which you're just pushing it on others.

When it's a case like my lesbian/bi cousin, same age as me, I can understand that she doesn't believe and even partially even why not. Still, I do wish she would choose to live a better life and simply do it. Unfortunately she will live the way she chooses, I'm just not going to continue to be part of it, and consequently she doesn't come around anymore either.

EDIT: To clarify, she is an alcoholic and seems to think that family is a free taxicab or crashing pad when she gets kicked out of an apartment. I love her but this habitual freeloader stuff has put a strain on our relationship. Plus it is creepy how she still has not stopped cutting and burning herself./edit

When it is a case where someone's beliefs are different, that's fine as well.

I don't typically go there unless someone asks TBH. If they ask, though, they got themselves into it. If their beliefs are like liberties that compromise the way of life/liberty for others, then I make it my business.

Are you referring to me?
No I was referring to the big guy. Watching as those who are in "His system" claim to believe in him but really act more like it's some business and that the message of self improvement only applies to those who don't work in His system.

For the record I am quite Happy at the Moment, I have recently started a New position at work with better salary, better work hours and opportunities, and have also reconnected with a lot of old school Friends and I'm having a Blast This Subject Just jumped out at me (My Mother is a Christian, but very uninterested in the details of Christianity, but very spiritual, I suppose the polar opposite of these People on the TV Show)
Well I suppose then your mother is like many others.

EDIT: Here we are talking about mothers again.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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