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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Agreed, the people who criticise it probably have never seen more than the movie or a few episodes, season 2 was amazing
Don't get me wrong, I tried getting into it now and then, but I can't get over the bizarre fact that Anakin got a padawan before even a year after graduating from the Academy. And that little twerp Ahsoka is annoying as hell any way.

I tuned in once and everyone's doing stuff, and Ahsoka says (ham-fistedly) "I have a bad feeling about this..." and Anakin warns her not to do something and Obi-Wan is standingly Obi-Wanly and clone troopers are fighting and taking orders and FFS NOTHING DIFFERENT FROM THE PREQUELS IS HAPPENING.

Not to mention that it would seem that Anakin and Obi-Wan (with that red little.. thing) fought the entire Clone Wars by themselves, or were at least required to show up everywhere in the galaxy. You'd think the two would be nominated to rule the Jedi Academy as pro-consuls and override the Council by then.

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