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R4 beeped, guiding the way, leading Andorra, Kalla and Pradhes out of the caverns. Following the layout it had in its memory, he managed to lead the party away from the areas that could be infected but unfortunately came across another door that needed slicing. He beeped it to Andorra, asking her what to do.

Meanwhile Tonatius raced to where Matton had gone. He had on his breathing tool just in case something happened with the virus. He caught up with Matton who was holding Lady Jun-la. She didn't look well and she looked angry enough to make a Sith Lord cry. He said, "R4 got the doors open. We must leave."

"Pestilus got away," Jun-la grumbled as she tried to get up.

"He'll be dealt with later milady," Tonatius replied.

"Kid's right Jun-la. We have to be clear to set the charges off," Matton replied.

"That might be a problem. I detected military grade frag explosives. Someone is trying to flush us out."

"Then we got to disable them," Jun-la said and tried standing up only to totter over. Luckily Matton caught her.

"Easy there. Look, the kid and I will look for them and disable them. Just make sure your have a breath mask with you and stay here." It was an order but Matton had no choice.

Jun-la could do nothing but glare as Matton and Tonatius tried to find the explosives. She looked at the bulkhead she noticed after Pestilus escaped and thought she could hear the sounds of blaster shots and one, no two lightsabers.


The crevice was high so it would require Tavaryn to scale walls and luckily this place was full of handholds. Using systematic leaps and clutches, he managed to make his way towards the transmitter.

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