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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
Everything is FPS or RPG's. Platformers are making a comeback thanks to Super Meat Boy, but other than that, welcome to the modern age of gaming.

The only genre that's not completely dead is RTS, but that's because Blizzard keeps making boss RTS games. The. Only. Reason.
Don't forget the hybrids like Borderlands, and upcoming Brink

3rd person adventure/shooters are big too. The new splinter cell rocks.

and there are tons of other RTS. You certainly can't claim its all blizzard. they released their first RTS in what, 10 years?

TA/SupCom, the C&C's(not as good as they used to be, the total war series..all been pumping them out.

The real saving grace of RTS the last 5 years has been the total wars and the Dawn of War's. period.

There are some more interesting games coming out, like Brink, Firefall(kind of a borderlands/mmo hybrid), global agenda went PVE but keptits PVP elements.
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