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Moms are everywhere lately... My buddy Greg and I need to fire up our cover band again, "Mom Seeger". AKA "Mom Zombie", "Elton Mom" and "Mom Jovi". If you haven't been to a "Mom Seeger" show, you don't really love Mom's like Greg and I do (This is a RL band, no jokes, done a couple shows.... It is not what you expect....)
Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
Just because some don't see any meaning in it doesn't mean they have to go crapping on other people. That gets you nowhere. In some ways, though, likewise the opposite is true for faithful: while actively professing beliefs is something the faithful should do, there comes a point at which you're just pushing it on others.
Well said, QFT

@urluckyday: no worries, sorry if I came off cross

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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