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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
Total War and the Dawn of War series appeal to a very small niche market. Like flight simulators when we were doing XWA heavily, we were not a main target demographic, and if we were, we were dissapearing.

SC2 kinda revitalized the genre. Props to Civ 5 too though. I've heard good things about it.
I guess. I don't really agree though. Sure the name blizzard sells more than Warhammer, but the comparison with XWA and flight simes doesnt make alot of sense.

The DOW's sold TONS, and so do Total Wars, I also left out COH Company of Heroes which has also done quiet well. As its even simpler than the others.

There was nothing wrong with the RTS Genre, and I certainly don't think SC2 brought anything remotely new to the table. The only rela thing wrong with it was SC2 is 5 years late, and the Supreme Commander 2 was a step back from SupCom1, and EA destroyed C&C. 2-3 great games in the genre being around at all times certainly doesnt say its dead. who wants or needs 5 AAA titles out in a calendar year?

I have also heard civ 5 rocks but I have less time for it than I do to try SC2
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