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Lol Glitch

Hey everyone, today I had the WEIRDEST GLITCH happen today. Allright, I don't know if it's from uninstalling BFII Conversion pack 2.0, but, what happened is that now, when I load XL, for the Republic and the Alliance, there is an extra unit with no name, and is an Ewok with a lightsaber with the same animations as yoda, regenerates health, has every force power, and has the "cartoon pow" cheat perpetually. Now on the CIS and Empire, I have an other extra unit with no name, except this time it's a GIANT Ewok with wampa animations, invincibility(except for rockets), has this weird thing where whenever you hit one of the enemy, blood comes out of enemies(or is that normal?), and can throw HHHUUUGGGEEE boulders that explode with a huge blast radius, but only do as much damage as regular rocks. Now I have a sudden UUURRRGGGEEE to play as ewoks... WTF is wrong?
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