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Got about 3 inches so far here in Upstate NY. about another inch or two is slated for the overnight.

Zargon: I was more so refering to the perception and sales of RTS games VS. FPS and RPG games. Companies no longer "FOCUS" on RTS as a genre, with exceptions, of course. It's not a publishers "Money maker" like Call of Duty, Half Life, Medal of Honour, Final Fantasy, or World of Warcraft are. More and more RTS games get less press, and less hype, relying on an aging fanbase and stagnant growth.

Yes, Starcraft II didn't bring jack didly **** to the table that is innovative and new. It's a refined, prettier, faster version of Starcraft: Brood War. I'll also admit that Blizzard missed the bus in re-inventing the series and the genre as a whole, but in their eyes, if it ain't broke, DON'T ****IN' FIX IT. (See C&C.... sad.)

What Starcraft II did do though is bring hundreds of thousands of nerd eyes on to a genre that has been realistically losing to the FPS and RPG Console Wars. No, RTS would never die as a genre, I think in the end, it will be the last surviving genre in our gaming lives. Older gamers like myself remember Warcraft: Orcs and HUmans fondly and Command and Conquer with reverence. The newer generation though... sad, it is, their mindset.

Starcraft II also finally started to legitimize Professional Gaming here in the West. Major League Gaming just got another $10 Million to fund it's operations this year. We hope it will translate into bigger prize pools, and better venues.

God save Gaming!

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