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Meh, I've been talked into rejoining, so here's my character back for another beating.

Name: Vector S'Borr

Species: Human, Umbaran mix

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Undetermined, has been moving around his whole life

Affiliation: Former Sith Apprentice; Formerly *static* Currently the New Galactic Empire "'Revision, affiliation unknown'" - He was/is a part of an elite force wielding group of soldiers called 'Nex Venators'. They were based around the ideas of the late Emporer Palpatine's Shadow Guards; Currently Rogue - No more, he is of the 'Nex Orbis' again! "'Revision, status...Unknown.'"

Title: Former *static* Re-instituted "'Revision, classification unknown, last known description: Republic/Jedi Prisoner - Felon; Act: Attempted assassination, under plea of cerebral coercion.'" - 'Nex Sicarius', Third highest class amongst the 'Nex Venators'; Former Sith Apprentice (before he was apart of the 'Nex Venators')

Weapon(s): Top portion of a pike saber ~Dull Crimson Blade~ , he has repaired the bottom with a pummel cap, and has slightly customized it (was once his father's pike saber) - Weapon has been re-repaired after assassination incident; Modified DC-19 "Stealth" carbine; Exo-Skeletal Phrik Gauntlet (left hand); Hidden Lightsaber in wrist of Phrik Gauntlet ~Very Dark Bronze Blade~

DOB: 76 ABY (is roughly 36)

Description: Tall, and pale like an Umbaran, he has a shaved head (hair is white, and feels like silk, doesn't grow beyond half an inch in length; a mix of having human hair, mixed with a species without hair) with Sith tattoos on said cranium. Has the toned build of a human that has gone its whole life training and exercising, but is still gaunt and lithe, showing some of his Umbaran blood. Has cold grey eyes, and has the same will perception, and influencing skills as an Umbaran, as well as their calculating gaze, but because of his human blood (and upbringing), he has a wider emotional spectrum.

- 'Torso Appearance'
- 'Rogue Clothes {Pre-capture}'
- 'Sicarius Clothes {Post-Capture}'

"'Revision, persona profiles outdated, current attire unknown; current physical appearance and health...Unknown.'"

Debriefing: Shortly after meeting Komad and his group of Jedi, Vector was forced to leave his long standing home of Jatalra for a year, to leave due to the ensuing events on said planet. He aided them in retrieving a Jedi's ancient lightsaber, and some holocrons, but due to slight mental instability, and paranoia, the half-blood kept the holocrons to himself. Soon after the group had reached a station ((I believe that's right)) the former 'Nex Venator-Sicarius' regressed to old habits, and stowed away on a ship, and left ((don't know what happened to, or what to do with the holocrons he had, so I'll leave that ambiguous for now)).

Nearly a month later, Vector was imprisoned by Imperial forces, held there for such a long period of time until a skilled member - most likely a 'Nex Arbitrator', the second highest class among the 'Nex Venators', and one class above Vector's (Thus more skilled, they can only assume) - of the 'Nex Venators' could come and successfully, and safely escort him to the 'Nex Fovia', primary facility of the 'Nex Venators', to be imprisoned, punished, and then brainwashed back into service.

Another month has passed since his imprisonment, and Vector has been, re-instituted back into the 'Nex Venators'. Physically, mentally, and even emotionally tortured, Vector is now a freethinking brainwashed 'Nex Sicarius', and one of the most skilled among his kind. As his torture, and brainwashing occurred, the 'Nex Venators' came across the knowledge of Vector's meeting with Komad, and his group, and have sent Vector after them, trusting in their skills of brainwashing to stick, he is to be their assassin, to end them.

"'Final revision, current history of last two years of subject's life are unknown; last recorded data: Interrogation - Kol Skywalker. Imprisonment sentence: Unknown | Release: Uknown | Escape:......Likely | Death:........*Data still in requisition*'"

Well, that character sheet'll put a little twist into things if I do say so.

An updated image of Vector may be uploaded or not, depends on if I get around to making a decent picture, meh.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
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