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Originally Posted by Gιygαs View Post
Really? What movie(s)? What line(s)?
I'm not going to bother looking up if there are more, but in Empire after R2 is spit out of the monster on Dagobah Mark Hamill tells him he's lucky he doesn't taste very good as an adlib, instead of reading a simpler line Lucas had written that he's lucky he got out of there. Switching it back to what he originally wrote although not a huge deal in the whole scheme of what he's done to the them is just incredibly petty. Lucas today possesses the maturity of a bloated 4 year old.

Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Agreed, the people who criticise it probably have never seen more than the movie or a few episodes, season 2 was amazing
The only good thing the series has accomplished was making Karen Traviss ragequit Star Wars.
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