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Hi peeps. Familiar faces here so I guess I'll chime in. The chicks I've had were all @$$ holes. The 3 most recent in descending order:

Ex woman 1: Said she didn't want a loser with no job. So she came to me. The first 4 months seemed great, blah blah blah. Then found out her horrendous credit history and she was bankrupt. Wanted someone with a job? OH right, about that: she had trouble getting a job because she had been fired 4 times in 2 years.

Ex 2: Doomed from the start. Old high school "groupie" from when I played electric bass. Several years later. Saw her again at an irish pub bar. Happy to see each other. Started dating. Loved leeching internet for free. Found out she ran the local adult novelties store. Told her if she wanted to F*** around that's fine, not the jealous type but don't be surprised when I start doing the same. She got all blustery and went to great lengths to "prove" she "wasn't like that". I caught her with one of my homies a few days later. I changed the wireless internet password. She left 2 days after. With my ethernet connector and all the wireless cards. And all my sodas.

Ex 3: Easy amazon. Straight up honest about it. Best one in the sack I ever had. Liked to get blitzed and drunk. Only wanted me to take her out to pizza once and go hot tubbing once. Wore me out for 2 weeks. Moved on without incident when she ran out of money to stay at her apartment.
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