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R4 beeped in indignation as Andorra used her blade to force open the door. Still he had his orders to get the others out so he did. The particular tunnel he chose would bring them out of the caves close to the Ebon Hawk. They could get well enough ahead to escape the primary blasts. He beeped for the others to follow.


Tavaryn heard the communication and gave a raw growl. He despised weapons like the virus and the fact that the Republic wanted it made him feel sick. He ignored it as he snatched the transmitter and shut down the link to the explosives.

Looking around, and sensing a surge from the Force, he saw Alriana send the Imperials flying. Already he had leapt down from his vantage point and raced to catch her. As she crumbled, he caught her from behind and said, "Got it." He had moved so fast he would have been a blur. He held her up adding, "Been awhile hasn't it?"

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