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"Hey cutie, thanks for helping us out back there. You too little man. When we get to the ship I'm gonna need you guys to try to contact Lyna through the Force."

Saluna nodded with a smile. "Sure thing. And you're welcome. You must forgive my family. Ever since Lyna's death, they have been grievance and trusted no outsiders. I also sense the Dark Side trying to take over the Ysanna. But Tino and I keep them together, as we keep ourselves in the Light Side of the Force."

Tino smiled, and nodded his head happily. He looked at Quaver. Perhaps he could speak to him and get to know him. Family or not, Tino loved to make new friends.


"I'm back. Whats available for accomodation?"

Going back to reality, Lyna looked up at Cade and smiled. "Oh, hello. Um... you can rest in one of the passenger quarters. Number 3 is open." She began to set course for Nal Hutta. "We'll also be in Nal Hutta shortly. Make yourself at home." And with that, the engines of the Justice came on and the ship lifted off the ground of the docking bay.
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