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"I--I accept your apology," the asari stammered at last, "and offer you mine. If there is a geth onboard this ship, I'm sure that there's a good reason for it to be there, and that your Captain has everything under control. I must say I'm feeling a bit out of control right now, and that's why I'm going to follow your directions and return to the medbay."

"Mmm, apology accepted, no harm done, but must be more careful, not in top condition quite yet," Kallic replied amicably. They entered the medbay and Kallic proceeded to help Quirinius onto the cot with great delicacy.

"By the way, here are my remaining weapons: pistol, sniper rifle, and--volt'ic. A bioelectrical rod that I invented myself, meant to dampen the effects of biotic users' powers. Feel free to analyze it," she handed him her weapons in turn, he had a place on his harness for the shotgun, but the pistol and sniper would have to be locked down. After doing so he placed them on a nearby tray table, looking over at Chiron he nodded to indicate that everything was fine before reattaching the medical equipment to the asari, the sedatives and other drugs taking effect quickly.

"Thank you for understanding and cooperating Quirinius," he said with a slight bow of the head, as her consciousness faded.

"Mmmm...." Was all she mumbled out before her head fell, Kallic reacting instinctively, catching it in his hand, lowering the blue-scalped head onto the cot pillow gently.

Kallic looked over the rod she'd handed him and raised an eyebrow, "Will have to examine later, more important things to do, though, have to wonder why asari would make biotic dampening rod, all asari born biotic users no sense in dampening own abilities, unless it activates on strike....Enough pondering, back to business," Kallic said shaking his head and putting the rod away he turned to the syringe that he was going to run diagnostics on.

"....Just as I am about to interrogate her, she falls asleep at a convenient enough time." Came the sudden words from Kallic's flank as his head snapped around to see the Captain; he faced him completely and bowed slightly at the torso, saying simply in acknowledgment, "Captain."

"Who is she and how did she get onboard." The Captain asked the few crew members there, turning to the inconspicuous man with the mustache. "And who are you?"

"Don't know him Captain, but asari is named Quirinius, er, can't recall last name right now, too many thoughts. Tom found her - I believe - Chiron treated her - here mind you, thus why she's aboard the ship - I found empty syringe that she used to stop her bodily functions to appear dead, dangerous dangerous thing to do, stupid too, but don't know reason for it, so can't blame her, yet." Kallic explained, holding his chin in his hand as he studied her comatose form, "Chiron respond to Tom's page first, know more than I, can only give you the technicals Captain, but she is, as of now, disarmed, and shall remain so until you say. Have to admit Captain, she's a bit - as the humans say - 'gung-ho', very unpredictable, but can trust her for the most part."

Kallic looked back over at the Captain and smiled with good humor, "Besides, need more women aboard, too much male friction - including Selia, too - not good for morale, soft touch nice addition. Take my 'professional' advice." Kallic just blinked as he smiled at the Captain and shook his head, his body bobbing up and down as he laughed in his chest.

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