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Hurt myself curling tonight.

My League team started out in the last game of the 1st half in a 3 way tie for 2nd place. In my shift the 1st place team and 2nd place team for both halves get into the play offs.

So we needed to win our game to have a chance at making the playoffs, either for the first half, or last half. After my shots in the third end I was stepping off the ice and my slider (left) foot slipped out, as I tried to transfer my weight to my other foot.. while falling, i severely twisted my non-slider foot. in the next end I tried to get into the hack to deliver and I couldn't put any pressure on my twisted ankle. Nor could i even help with sweeping. With my medicore front end stepping up, and doing their best. it was torture dealing with the pain in my foot, and the fact I couldn't do anything to help my team win the important game.

We did win it, in an extra end. I got a game next sunday, i just hope I can heal enough to play

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