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Takeda simply nodded his head at Karela's question. He stood motionless as Karela spoke with the man who helped the samurai as well. He couldn't help but eavesdrop as they spoke of Kaneda. Like the others, Kaneda too had left the Leaf Village. For a year he had basically been alone.

"That would be the Kaneda I fought with. It's been nearly a year since I've seen him and the others. In fact the last time I saw him was right after we defeated the Arashi. We all went out on our own after that battle...I always thought we should have stuck together, just in case someone came after us for revenge."

For a brief instance the inner Takeda broke free of the hardened outer shell he had developed in the past year. Everyone had left him. Akagi went back to his village, with Karela joining him. Kaneda had went off to some academy. Asuka flat out abandoned the village. He wasn't sure what happened to Tategami. Even Specter had finished a few days after the others did.

He had finally achieved his goal of becoming a Jonin...but had no one to share it with. He lowered his head for a few seconds.

We should have stuck together...

Fortunately for Takeda his mask covered the frown he had on his face. The frown quickly disappeared. He crossed his arms and continued to listen. He looked over at Asuka who seemed saddened she had left the village.

"Your abilities could be quite useful."

His tone was almost lacking in human emotion. He turned to look at Karela.

"I should scout ahead, and make sure we do not run into any ambushes."
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