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"Sure thing. And you're welcome. You must forgive my family. Ever since Lyna's death, they have been grievance and trusted no outsiders. I also sense the Dark Side trying to take over the Ysanna. But Tino and I keep them together, as we keep ourselves in the Light Side of the Force."

Xan smirked from underneath his mask.

"For someone like you, I'll let it slide," he said using his charm. "Sethos is a terrible man, and needs to be stopped. I know Lyna can do it, with our help of course. My boss knows some things that will help Lyna in her quest to defeat him. I can only hope we can get to her in time," he added in.

Xan stopped once he reached his ship. Right...its a two seater. Xan however was a quick thinker. He surveyed his ship for a few seconds to come up with a plan. There were two beds in the ship, in addition to the two seats. He smirked at how he had the seating order arranged in his head.

"Well my ship isn't exactly roomy so we're just gonna have to make room. Tino and Quaver, you guys will have to be on the beds. Tandra you can have the seat behind for you Saluna, hmm...I guess we'll have to share a chair, if that's alright with you?" Xan said as he leaned back on his ship.
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