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Chiron nodded his head at Turhop to confirm everything Kallic had just said.

"We discovered she had a sedative in her bloodstream when I was paged. It was too risky to look for a clinic, so the obvious choice was to come here. She seems like a nice girl...her name strikes me as odd though. I believe I've heard that name before, or something similar. I believe it to be a krogan name," Chiron said.

Chiron chuckled at Kallic's last statement. That was another thing Chiron liked about Kallic. He could go from serious to comical within seconds.

"Planning on working your charm?" Chiron asked.

"Alright, uh... integrate into the Valkyries systems. And we'll discuss the Cerberus/Genesis data later. There's another matter I need to attend to."

Rogue did as was ordered, but not before going back to retrieve its pulse rifle. Now that he was deemed part of the crew, it felt that it could have a weapon.
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