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Quirinius V'tala lay in a sedative-induced half-dream, and as the stalwart crew members of the Valkyrie continued discussing her, the asari's head began to twitch, and her eyes to squint themselves shut tightly.

"No...don't kill me...never again..." Her body took a sudden twist to the side of the cot on which she rested. "I risked too much. I lost, lost, lost..." She was most definitely having a nightmare about what had just happened in the Underworld cantina on Omega. Unfortunately for her, traumatic amnesia was not one of the side effects of the botched batch of atropixenine she had just taken. If she'd known, she would have used another sedative to fool those who were trying to annihilate her into believing she was dead. As it was, her eyelids fluttered, and she moaned.

Suddenly, her hand flopped off the edge of the cot, dangling limply.

((Quick! Somebody hold Quirinius' hand! She needs a big hero!))
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