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((haha thanks Archon. I admire your enthusiasm ^-^))

Kalick and Chiron explained who the Asari was, and how she was brought here. How Tom and Frank found her, paged Chiron and took her to the medical bay.

"Chiron respond to Tom's page first, know more than I, can only give you the technicals Captain, but she is, as of now, disarmed, and shall remain so until you say. Have to admit Captain, she's a bit - as the humans say - 'gung-ho', very unpredictable, but can trust her for the most part."

"Unpredictable? Thats a comforting thought..." Tuhrop added. He walked towards the Asari, and noticed rapid eye movement underneath her lids.

"Besides, need more women aboard, too much male friction - including Selia, too - not good for morale, soft touch nice addition. Take my 'professional' advice."

Tuhrop chuckled at Kallicks comment. "Are you implying my ship needs a "womans touch", Kallick?" he smirked. "And techincally, she isnt a woman. But I'll talk about possible recruitment with her when she awakens. She does owe us for this, after all."

((Quick! Somebody hold Quirinius' hand! She needs a big hero!))
((umm... ok practicality taking place ))

Quirinius' hand fell off the bed, and looked limp. Tuhrop picked it up from the air, and placed it back onto the bed. He reached for a Heart-Rate Wrist Monitor and strapped it to her wrist. "If she took a something that halted her bodily functions, then best to keep an eye on her for now." He stood up and stared at his crew.

"I will be holding a conference in the next half hour, in light of recent events."
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