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"It's time that we get moving."

Ryuu nodded. He then looked over at Takeda. Even with his mask on, he knew that look in his eyes. Given from the way he looked at Asuka, like she abandoned him. But Ryuu could somehow also sense she was not the only one. Loneliness - an inflicting, distractive wound that would take time to heal

Ryuu could relate, but now was not the proper time to acquaint himself with everyone: they needed retreat the villagers to the mountains where they could seek refuge.

"I should scout ahead, and make sure we do not run into any ambushes."

Ryuu walked towards the one named Asuka, who was just standing there feeling guilty. He looked above her, the collar of his Haori covering his mouth and only his steel colored eyes were visible. "We need to get moving."

He turned around and continued onward to the Mountains.
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