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"Knowledge economy"
Political answer: Using America's Vast knowledge resources to compete in the global market
Real answer: Blowing smoke up the posterior of the listener.

"Value-add/value-added [anything]"
Marketing term: A way to increase sales by providing additional features/items to make the customer happy.
Real answer: Throwing in stuff that should have been free to make the customer THINK it's a good deal

"Compassionate conservatism"
Political answer: Conservatives reaching out to Liberals
Real answer: Blowing smoke up the posterior of the listener.

"Neo-conservatism" (how does this differ from the traditional kind?)
This one is a bit trickier. It's people who share SOME values with traditional republicans, but have added things like being pro-war(traditionally conservatives have been more for non-involvement)

"True patient-centered, free market reform" (Sarah Palin)
Political answer: Guiding people in insurance companies to focus on providing better care.
True answer: We don't know what to do but we know something needs to be done.

"Race to the Top"
Political answer: Become a leader in the global economy
Real answer: try to take BACK the lead in things we were the leader in.

"Competitiveness in the 21st-century global economy"
Political answer: Increase American worth in the markets of Information and leading the world in technological evolution.
Real answer: Spend more money on education so they can teach things like political correctness and <random> studies to kids even though they aren't spending more on the actual kids while giving middle management more money.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson
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