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Maybe it's just my luck and no one ever paid attention to this thread since the game's release, or maybe people don't remember about Snakes when they have time to try something new. But I certainly keep hearing on mixnmojo about how bored people are with what's currently offered in mainstream games, and it seems traditional point&click adventure games for the PC aren't out of place in these parts.

So I'm going to try one last time...

I'm offering Snakes of Avalon - my freeware adventure game that tells the story of a drunk attempting to stop a murder plot. It's very much in style of classic LucasArts adventures (in-fact it has lots of LEC titles references), but it's slightly more creepy, more disturbing. You can download the full version either here or here.

I've announced Snakes' release here in September in hopes of hearing a few opinions. Instead I didn't get even a single comment about it (except from Haggis, but he already played an early version of Snakes before I even started this thread).

If the info I provided about the game leaves you all completely cold, then of course don't force yourselves to play it. I'd just prefer to know if I was (and still am so far) disappointed over people's absentmindedness or plain apathy.

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