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Tavaryn returned Alriana's smile with one of his own and he steadied her on her feet. "Nothing can be done about them now and if I'm not mistaken, Pradhes has a sample to create an antivirus. Besides I know some people who can tell me about them."

He walked over towards the door to the lab and got it to open. He spotted his niece sitting on the floor leaning against a pillar. Right away he spotted that something had happened but was astute enough not to ask. Instead he asked, "Where are the others?"

"Heading towards the ship," Tonatius came out, holding a piece of explosive. Followed by Matton who had another.

"Then we better leave ourselves," Tavaryn replied. He was going to help up his niece but then he noticed Matton make a swift movement to help her up. Saying nothing about it it he began to lead the party out of the caverns but not before he said, "We don't have to worry about th efrags but the our charges are ready to blow?"

Tonatius pulled out a transmitter, "Right here," and put it back on his belt. "I won't ignite until we are out."

Tavaryn nodded as he made sure Alriana and the others were moving with precision. He happened to catch sight of the Geonosian that he spoke to earlier and said, "The charges are set. We must leave the caverns."

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