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"The charges are set. We must leave the caverns."

The Geonosian let out a loud chittering noise in response and suddenly Alriana could hear a chittering noise in response from down one of the tunnels.

"My solders are now leaving the base. Our greatest wish has been granted. The destroyers have been driven from this world and the next time they think they can invade our world we will drive them away."

The Geonosian turned to look at Alriana and seemed to look her over before speaking again. "Jedi, many years ago you brought the destroyers to our world by fleeing to it. Yet have returned and have helped us drive the destroyers away. Your name will no longer be spoken with contempt and anger but instead with respect and honor."

Alriana smiled and looked at Tavaryn before turning back to the Geonosian. "I thank you. And I am glad that you have chosen to forgive me for my mistake so many years ago. But now is not the time to talk, now is the time to get out of here."
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