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Unofficial Patch 7.3 is out!

Wesp has released a new patch!!!!


As always, please feel free to post comments and suggestions here. We're still looking for translators for this patch into other languages. Please contact if you are willing to help.

(+) Denotes changes only available to players of Plus Edition.

Changes in 7.3:
+Moved Yukie temple end trigger and fixed spider chick Boil reaction.
+Corrected a Giovanni candidate quest state and removed entry items.
+Made inspection particles a bit less intrusive, thanks to ZylonBane.
Restored GLOCK to cop on the pier and mafia patrol to Empire hotel.
Corrected conditions for mentioning Rossilini and other text issues.
Fixed problems on approaching Skelter and during the intro walkout.

BTW: Attention anyone playing this version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need some feed back on Nadia, the hot Giovanni girl who wants to get naked in the Embalming Room. Just as a test, once you enter the Manson SAVE YOUR GAME, so you can come back there and start your normal play (this should only take you 5 minutes to test)

Head strait to Nadia let her take you somewhere more private. You will zone to the Embalming room, what we need to do.

Don't talk to her or try to open the door downstairs. Walk around the room a bit, maybe pick up your book or walk around near the door you came in and the switch. This is the important part do you notice yourself going in and out of Combat mode?

There seems to be Zombies spawning too soon AND they seem to see through the floor a level or two below you. If you are having problems it would be a great if you could post here.
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