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Running way late this week, sorry.

Coruscant Entertainment Center

Zero-Sum Game: Ch. 1 Interlude

Post KOTOR: The race for the Grand master post heats up

The piece is up to Tys' usual stand meaning its a fun read. The characters are a lot of fun to witness, and the situation is fun as well.

KotoR I Duel of the Fates
The Black Dragon Ranger

KOTOR: The climactic battle

The word is dying, not dieing.

The piece is confusing because you see it just as the typical fight for Sith seniority until the end.

Lessons Learned

Post TSL: A quick course in becoming a Jedi... Yeah, right

The piece is light and amusing. The Exile comes across as 'it's easy', and the ending line was just too much fun.

KOTOR The Jedi Civil War
Lexington's Hammer

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: The adventure begins

It would be fight(er) pilot, not fight pilot.

Technical note: Melee is a form of combat. A melee weapons is anything you can hold to hit your opponent. Go to post #45 where I explain it.

The piece is a generic rendition of the fight aboard Endar Spire with no surprises.

Danger Beyond Vader
Typewriter King

Post ANH: The Warlord art of negotiation

The piece is bland and needs punching up. The one battle is confused.

Discarded KOTOR scene 5872

KOTOR on Manaan: A fan-fic author has it out with the uncooperative characters

The piece starts out normal, then collapses into farce as characters arrive who are not supposed to be there, revealing parts of the back plot, arguing over what should of happened and what they think they want. The poor author is caught in the middle, the fractious characters complaining when they don't get their way. Finally the author just throws his hands up in disgust and leaves.

Pick of the Week


Sage Advice

Post TSL: An unlikely group decides to follow the Exile into the unknown

The piece is fun in it's owen way, just a few people ducking the victory party, it would seem, but their motive are suspect. By the end you have the Disciple, Mission, Jolee and Zaalbar off on their own expedition to find Revan.

Pick of the week

What Possible FutureVanillaLatte

KOTOR on the Unknown Planet: Which future will ring true?

The piece is a well wrought nightmare of what could have happened from that point on. The author kept a lot of people alive who would have died in a dark side ending, but that didn't save them from eventually dying anyway.

Pick of the week

The show Must go on

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: Dustil spends a night celebrating an anniversary

The piece is interesting in that Dustil's entire evening is disjointed until the very end. His sadness paints the scene even when he is taking the girl to bed, and the end is poignant in giving us a reason for what he has done.

The Hidden Stash
The Disciple

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: It's really bad with tach glands added.

The piece is funny because you just know Jolee is a moonshiner at heart. The characters slip as the dreams begin, Saul apologizing for bombing Teloe, and Carth accepting it was bizarre.

Princess Artemis

KOTOR aboard Leviathan: Visions while in pain

The piece is confusing as most nightmare are. The warning not to kill 'her' is interesting, the other speaker, obviously his late wife warning him not to harm Revan

Bastila's Ambition

Pre KOTOR: Who created Revan's new Personna?

The piece starts disjointed, someone working frantically to save a life. By the end you feel loathing for Bastila, someone willing to destroy a mind to save the universe.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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