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^^^When you consider padawans have to be ~25 to be knighted, and Revan is probably now roughly in his early 30s, that makes for a bare minimum of 55, but there are definitely other factors to consider like a timeframe of ~5 years as a darksider (among other things which in turn means additional years), so more like at least 60.

The constant canon tumble is establishing ~50 (or so it appears) so I would not be surprised if TSL is crammed into still further obscurity and contradiction and making Revan even more mary sue instead of the badass marty stu he ought to be.

Look everyone Revan, was a 15 year old who lead the charge into the mandalorian wars! Kreia was 15 when taking on her first, Revan, which explains why she trained only screwups in the eyes of the council forever thereafter.

SW canon committee, if you're reading this, I beg of you please in the name of all that is good and great, let this era alone with what little dignity it has left. PLEASE.

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