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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
You must get ridiculous amounts of women...
I would prefer to find only one women to get involved with. Homogony has been and always will be the most reliable system of relationship. I did not encounter the right person in my previous life because I hadn´t solidified my power base. Rest assured, however, in this life, I will do both.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I was talking about before you left the Republic. It's not like you had the reputation of a saint or anything, so taking over the damn place would have been in everyone's benefit.

Good luck drifting about random galaxies now.
For now, I intend to stay in this one and explore the possibilities of this world.

I fought on the battlefield. I retired to embrace a life of discovery and profit. I carve my own path in life and am better for it.
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