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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
And here's the result. A reskin of Mission Vao for K1, which is sort of a collaboration between myself and Quanon.

You may have seen a version of this texture floating about in various screenshots of mine and his before, but i've altered it quite a bit. Q's original had red skin eyes and lips.

My new version is caucasian and has a more human looking mouth and eyes.

Aaaaanyway, enough blabbering...

Here be it:

Show spoiler

I shall release... When I can be bothered.
I think it looks cool that when she gets dressed, she just puts a vest overtop of her sports bra. The problem I see, is that when she puts her boots and belt on, her sports trunks somehow get 'magically' shorter. Perhaps you could make the trunks the same length for both the underwear model and the normal clothes model? I can't remember offhand if the underwear model has the edge of the trunks modelled onto the leg.

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