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Well come to think of it I don't think I have played any games from 2010, and I don't really listen to music so I can't comment on those. I'm gotten to be mega cheap when it comes to games, I don't like spending over $10 on one game. That doesn't mean I don't get newer games though, it just takes me longer, $40-$60 bucks for a new game is ridiculous in my eyes. There is so many old games I've always wanted to play and missed the first time around so nowadays I'm trying to catch up on the past. Most new games don't interest me anyways(although I do hunger for the likes of RDR, Dead Space, and Mass Effect 2).

Favorite Movie: Toy Story 3 - I got emotional as my childhood slapped me in the face. Being a Pixar nerd its no surprise how much I loved this movie.

Runner-ups: Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man 2

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who Series Five - A new logo and new Doctor! Plus the genius of Stephen Moffat has Doctor Who dominating for a long time to come in my eyes. I can't see Doctor Who never being my favorite TV show. There is just so much I love about it. RTD's era was great, Moffat's just might be the best.

Runner-ups: Warehouse 13 Season Two and Legend of the Seeker Season Two (from episode 7 onwards)

I did play alot of games this year, the majority of which were pre-2010 titles. Except for maybe Lego Harry Potter I can't remember if I played anything from 2010 or not. I might of actually and just forgot.

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