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I kinda don't care at this point.

I only bother to follow football at all when the Pats are doing well... and only then so that I might stand a chance of following or engaging in the conversations my friends, co-workers, and relatives are probably having.

Otherwise, I'm with Keyan: *YAWN*

Bring on the 2011 WRC and F1 race season!!!

Oh... and I'm working through watching the first season of the American Top Gear right now. A couple of decent moments... but overall pretty weak. The presenters are really stiff... although one of them can actually drive REALLY well. The episodes are getting a bit better as they progress, though.

I actually like the track better than the British version.

I'll watch all of them... but it's only because I've memorized all the episodes of the British show already.

And Cracken... what's all this I read on the Facebook about you joining the ranks of the unattached again?

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