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Exclamation Mod of the Year 2010 - Voting

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, both, other, and none, it's that time of the year again, and although it's a little late, it gives me great pleasure to announce to you tonight the 2010 Mud in the Gear Competition!

(Insert cheesy canned applause and horrid music here.)

The nominations have now closed, and boy, what a line-up do we have for you! Once again the modding community's output continues to defy expectations, with an amazing display of activity and a good number of high-quality mods. In the KotOR I section, the 2010 entrants are:

XIM-18 LAW Rocket Launcer by SithSpecter

IG-88 Series Assassin Droid by Kyr'am Galaar

Power Overwhelming PC Head Reskin by NiuHaka

Revan's Robes Revisioned by jonathan7

Character Start Up Changes by jonathan7

M-8 Assault Rifle Blaster Replacement by Inyri

M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon by Inyri

M-98 Widow Replacement by Inyri

The voting is now open, so get at it. The polls will close on Wednesday, February 2nd 2011.

And may the best mod win!

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