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When I create a bot (Doesn't matter if AtoC, TAB or normal) they Will Either work semi-correctly (they will use a light saber, but will get to Ataru and Niman stiles before I can with less force points as me, they will not use any force powers), the other thin they will do if they don't work like I have just described is run around the map not spending ANY forcer points (which means they will only Box people).At first I thought this was because of the difference between JA bot files and the new code used for TAB bots (so I wanted to write my own bot files), but talking to razorace I see this is more of a bug.

Other info:
-My starting force is either 999 FP or 4 FP (Jump, Seeing, saber / Jump, seeing, pistol / Pistol, E11 Blaster rifle), this makes no difference for TAB bots: they will either use sabers (Luke, Rosh Pennin, Alora, Dessan, Reborn, Imperial saboteur, could be more, haven't tried) or run around boxing people (Storm trooper, Shadow trooper, Jedi trainer, ...)
- What is interesting is that Alora, who usually uses the constantly changing RGB saber, will sometimes use Ataru with single saber and sometimes with Double
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