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Originally Posted by SmootheOperator View Post
Those of you who do not like The Clone Wars show, i don't care, i like it.
I don't care about the show. It's the movie that annoys me. I finally saw it when it came out on TV and was really glad that I didn't waste my money in the theaters.

It would be interesting to see Asohka rendered in a different medium, but I have to side with the Clone Wars haters on this one because it would just seem a little weird for me since I don't watch the show regularly.

I'd rather have Maris Brood return for a number of reasons. First of all, she's mysterious and troubled, constantly struggling with her identity - if Starkiller weren't both of these things, he wouldn't be popular. Secondly, her return would mean so much more for the story and for Starkiller in particular, i.e. his decision to spare her would ultimately save his life, etc. And lastly, she's got a nice pair of lightsabers.
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