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My Kotor crashed at a specific cut-scene on Korriban, right at the beginning at the port where a Sith makes fun of a few hopefuls. Right after his first spoken sentence (presumably followed by Sith-lightning), the game crashes.

So i reinstalled EVERYTHING, following your instructions TO THE LETTER (something i hadnt done with the first install simply bc i didnt know about it ).

after overcoming some trouble with the widescreen patch i installed all my previous Mods (of which there are many), first using KMM for the non-TSL-patchable mods to exclude conflicts, then all the TSL patchables.

I then copied my old saves back and loaded the newest (worked just fine), walked up to my old "crash site", the cut-scene starts and BANG!, Kotor crashes at the EXACT same place!

So right now I'm looking for the culprit. As to my rig:

Vista 64, SP 3
put back DX 9.0 (even though DX 10 is shown everywhere else)
Nvidia Geforce 7900 GTX
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad
RAM 6 Gigs

1) I dialed down all the graphics options to a minimum, set cpu affinity to one core, ran everything in XP compatability (yes, also during installation), no difference.

2) During Mod installation i had 10 conflicts in the Yavin 1.5 mod regarding tga, uti and mdl files for sabers and robes. Could that be the reason? i had NO 2da conflicts.

3) While playing Yavin, there was a place in the mod where the same thing happened as above, so i just didnt go there and played on... Yavin also crashed in other places when there was too much force power-use going on, but i could reload and later pass these places...

4) can i use my newest savegames even if i remove the yavin mod? and how would i do that, since it used the TSL patcher and it copied about a million files into my override.

5) There are a few unique Yavin items in my inventory. would they just vanish or would my savegame be unplayable? would it be enough for me to just use a save from BEFORE going yavin-planetside?

I seem to be concentrating on Yavin, but there may still be other reasons...

reinstalled (again...), this time without Yavin, no change, crashes in the same place!

Is there a trick to skip that specific cut scene?

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