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I honestly think what me an Kinnison here share is the common "That's not a real sport" stuff we get, he from Curling (Which is goddamned awesome. Don't understand it but it's pretty cool to watch. No, seriously. That's all I watched last Winter Olympics. Curling. And the Speedskating, but that's because we South Koreans are BOSS), I from Starcraft: Brood War/II.

I believe anything that takes a gross mental OR physical effort can be defined as a sport that is not directly related to the survival of mankind. Yes, hunting is a sport, because realistically unless everything goes to complete sh!t, are we really gonna need to hunt for food? :/

Yes, Starcraft II takes a large mental and physical effort. The speed in which you need to play to make a living (the 120,000 salaries, the massive 89,000 1st place finish) is stupid. The average professional Starcraft II player has about 200 discreet actions per minute, consistantly for anywhere from 4 minutes to potentially an hour (MLG had a few games for for an hour... epic maddness!) anywhere from 3-5 times in a row!!! It's not a physical effort like traditional sports like futbol, American football, baseball, or basketball, but it is a dedicated effort. It's terribly mentally draining as well.

It's like stock car racing, do you really need to work out to drive left all day? (yes, you do, apparently the G forces are pretty crazy for the average man..... go figure, eh? )

I think with the changing technology, we may have to start changing what a sport really is with being able to compete digitally.

That is the last I will touch on the subject: In other news, apparently George Lucas does believe in the Mayan 2012 prophecy.


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