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"I apologize Karela for what happened earlier. I had not rested in a bit, and I was a bit drained from the clones and the dragon. Takai will not take over, I can assure you of this,"

"That is not what I'm concerned about Takeda."

Karela stared Takeda right in the eyes. "First of all Takeda...congratulations on your promotion to Jonin. You really earned it during the battle against Gatoa." Karela smiled briefly and then the smile turned to a frown.

"And now I'm going to bring up my main concern. Takeda...I'm sorry that you have to hear this from me but I was really suprised and disappointed by the way you spoke to Asuka. Asuka helped us against the Arashi and without her we might not have been able to beat them."

Karela shook her head.

"What has she done to deserve that kind of treatment?"
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