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(Yeah, that could work? I'm thinking Tonatius should be there when Kalla wakes up)

"Doctor?" Kalla asked, finally waking after her ordeal. "How are you feeling?" Lenatha inquired. "A bit better. What happened to my arm, anyway? It's all bit of a blur" Kalla replied, having trouble distinguishing what really happens from some sort of nightmare. "You lost it fighting Darth Pestilus, but I was able to reattach it with a Regenerative Clamp." Lenatha explained. So that was real. Kalla thought, running her fingers across the metal ring on her arm. "What's a regenerative clamp? I've never heard of it before." She then asked.

"It's a piece of specialised medical equipment, developed fairly recently. It's meant to provide amputees with an alternative to cybernetically replacing their lost limbs. It operates by fusing the nerves back together and accelerating the recirculation of blood to the reattached limb. With time, and occupational therapy, you'll regain full use of your arm, with no permanent loss to dexterity." The doctor explained.

"Thank you." Kalla replied.

"Matton, everything's ready here. We can take off the moment you're on board." Andorra sent out after getting the update from R4.

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