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Matton replied over the comm, "Right and tell the walking tin can not to mess with my specs."

Jun-la looked at him reproachfully, "Leave R4 alone."

"If I'm mean, it's because I care," Matton replied before scooping up Jun-la nad running full speed with Tonatius not too far behind.

Jun-la rolled her eyes and would have struggled to make Matton put her down but she didn't have the strength to do it. That drain took much out of her and if he hadn't been steadying her upright, she would have collapsed. So she was content to let Matton fullfill a fantasy of his.

Tonatius was wondering if Kalla was alright. He clutched her lightsaber in his hand, feeling the cool feel of the metal. He swore he could feel her presence within the lightsaber. Quietly he appealed to the Force, the gods, anyone that would listen, unaware that he was projecting his thoughts towards Kalla. To anyone that is listening, I ask that my mo chroi be alright. I would be lost without her.

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